The result of our work
Although living in a modern society, benefiting from all the goods that technology and the internet give, online purchases still make people feel uneasy. That problem is applicable to every possible niche starting from clothing, ending up with household products and doesn't seem to have an ending any time soon. Our team at understood this problem, and we took as our goal to help people shop for their kitchen tools and appliances, recommending and reviewing the best solutions and products there are on the market, making their lives easier and their kitchens more beautiful and functional.
Result 2
Search engine optimization of our website began in June 2019. While doing so, we had two main goals in mind: raising the website's Domain Authority and the amount of specifically themed domains referring to us. This decision was made due to our understanding that it will take time to gain a significant amount of traffic, and we did not want to be standing in one place, trying to achieve unrealistic goals, nor did we plan to use paid search engine traffic. So, we decided that we create the base of our website's internet health a priority, by making it ideal from a SEO standpoint.
We performed an extensive keyword research, looking up some relatively easy, but working long tail keywords, with keyword difficulty ranging from 1 up to 20. We simply didn't want to be doing the Sisyphean task of trying to compete for broad, traffic-loaded keywords as it is almost impossible and ineffective for a new website to achieve that kind of goal. Specific and topic-oriented keywords suited us nicely, and from the very beginning started to bring our website little amounts of traffic every day.
After that, we thoroughly distributed chosen keywords among our webpage, using effective techniques as placing them into page's body content, header tags, formatted text, images and the alt descriptions. We also reworked some of our meta titles and descriptions, which are two things Google crawler checks first in order to understand what the page is about and how to rank it in the SERP. Here we tried to achieve a certain golden mean, as an extensive abuse of keywords will not only not do any good for your website, but will be heavily penalized by Google.
Before beginning any link building processes, we took care of the website's interlinking and it's hierarchy of the pages. This stage is very important, as an establishment of a proper connection between the pages and the content on them will give Google crawler an idea of your website's structure, consequently giving more link value to your most important pages and posts. Moreover, a well-made interlinking between pages will make it easier for your visitors to navigate through your site, which will positively affect their dwell time, the length of time each person spends looking at a web page after clicking the link on the SERP.
June 2019
SEO of our website began in
In terms of link building, we began by placing links on various thematic blogs and forums with various kitchen-oriented discussions. The scheme was simple. We go on the forum, search for needed questions or discussions, answer the person's question and place an anchor link in the response. It's a very simple way of starting your link building process, does not require a lot of effort and is relatively fast. The only thing to watch out for is, of course, the quality of the website you're placing a link on, as a negatively rated domain will not only give no results whatsoever, but can also damage your website's DA.
Our team of writers also did some great guest posting along the way. It's an awesome way to increase website's rankings and to indicate to Google that our domain is a credible source of information. Besides, it establishes some good relationships with other people in the niche that will have some positive outcomes in the long run.
In overall, the results of our link building strategy has satisfied our goals on several levels. Domain authority of the website has risen up to 41, and continues to rise exponentially. We suppose that a big factor that played a big role in that was the amount of well-made guest posts we started to place from the very beginning. Thanks to that, we have not only improved the overall ranking of our site, but also helped us to establish nice relationships with people in our niche. Not just that, in the majority of the used keywords we were rated in the top-10 search results. Last but not least, our free traffic value at the moment stands at $526.
The methods used in our search engine optimization have become an everlasting classic. A good balance between raw link building, guest posting and smart keyword usage can help to achieve all planned goals and gradually raise your rating in the results of search engine searches.
By June next year, we've reached 773 referring domains, which we consider a pretty good result, considering the fact that the majority of them are based on the topic, relatable to ours. At this moment we've reached the result of 1,137 domains, and the number continues gradually rising.