The result of our work is a website dedicated to help readers with garden keeping and home improvement. With gardening being our main passion, our team aspired to be the best product review website and make people's life easier by conducting extensive research and recommending only the best household and gardening tools.
Result 1
In-depth work on the website's SEO has started back in Winter 2019. It was a completely clean website from a SEO standpoint, with very little organic traffic and almost no backlinks, which meant that it was going to take time to get it into shape, but also gave us plenty of space to maneuver. The main mission was to gain more organic traffic as soon as possible, as well as to rank high in the search engine results page for multiple queries. So, with that goal in mind, we started to create our SEO strategy.
Our page itself is based a lot on content and it's quality, so in order to optimize it for the search engine, a lot of already made content had to be reedited and filled with appropriate keywords. Moreover, as so many of the pages and themes on the website were so closely related to one another, we understood the importance of internal links for the improvement of the it's hierarchy and the circulation of traffic between the pages, so once again, necessary changes were made in the blog and review sections.
In terms of keyword strategy, our team has chosen not the most popular and trivial approach. Taking into account that our site operates in a very specific and narrow niche, instead of trying to rank for high keyword difficulty(KD) keywords in order to grasp that crazy amount of traffic, we went for the very specific, long tail keywords. Although having a low search volume, long tail keywords offer much lesser competition and a higher conversion rate, which was just what we needed at the beginning of our site's search engine optimization.
We also conducted a competitors research to create a working link building strategy in order to achieve a higher Domain Authority, which will allow us to be a more credible source of information for the search engine, therefore it would rank us higher in the search engine results. Here, a very narrow niche of the website became a problem, as the more specific your theme or topic is, the harder it is to get high quality and relevant external links. Using low quality websites or buying links could have completely negated what we've achieved so far, so we decided to start our link building process by placing anchors with relevant keywords in various blog posts on highly credible resources such as Medium or BlogLovin with a high Domain Rating ranging from 60 to 93.
Winter 2019
Start of promotion
The process of realization of all planned strategies proved to be very gradual, but by April 2019, we achieved a number of 1,119 organic visitors, using only long tail keywords such as "best shower system", "rear engine riding mower", "best marble sealer", etc. All keywords ranging from 2 up to 20 of keyword difficulty, which are essentially very easy queries to rank high in and, most importantly, get a very targeted, conversive traffic from. For most of the used keywords we ranked in the top-10 search engine results in Google, which is arguably a great success of our keyword strategy.
organic visitors
In the same month, we've reached over 500 referring domains, most of which consist of high quality, niche specific sites.
In the same month, we've reached over 500 referring domains, most of which consist of high quality, niche a Moreover, our link building strategy proved to be very effective, as the DR of our website gradually started to rise. The cause of this was the fact that we've tried to obtain high quality links from appropriate domains and, most importantly, our dofollow to nofollow link ratio was 96% to 4%, which meant that the majority of the referring domains have placed an anchor with topic-oriented keyword, which adds on a lot of credibility in the eyes of Google ranking algorithm.

At this moment, thanks to the performed optimization process, we possess a credible website with a Domain Rating of 46, more than 25K high quality backlinks and 1.2K referring domains. The organic traffic value of our website now stands at $511 and continues to rise. sites.
These numbers prove that a gradual and subtle approach to SEO can give real results even to a very specific and topic-oriented website. The only true necessity is the development of a unique, result-oriented strategy, consisting of good link building, right keyword usage and smart content management, which will ultimately lead you to achieving the needed goals.