Premium SEO audit
What is SEO audit and how does it differ from premium:
SEO audit is an analysis of a site for several criteria, the study of its structure, speed of work and other data.

The purpose of the audit is to understand how much the site matches the search engines and their requirements, for successful promotion to the top.

Premium SEO audit is an in-depth study of the site for more than 250 parameters, identifying programming errors, eliminating them and speeding up...
Who is seo audit suitable for?
First of all, a seo audit is necessary for web sites that have been working for a long time and are plodding in search results.
The second in line for seo audit should be new sites that have been created recently. In SEO, it is important that the site is initially optimized correctly, then it will be successfully promoted
The third case is suitable for all websites, premium SEO audit will help you identify flaws, speed up the promotion and save a lot of money without wasting them on incorrect promotion.
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What will you get the result
Checklist with errors on the site
Checklist with recommendations
Step by step action plan